Thursday, May 22, 2008

Talking Robots - Final Episode

Talking Robots: Robots and You With 45 interviews with high profile people in robotics, nearly 200'000 downloads and a good insight on today's and tomorrow's robotics,here we are now with the final episode of Talking Robots dedicated to what the general public thinks about robots.

"Hey, do you have 2 minutes to talk about robots?"

Whether in Boston or in Lausanne, the result was the same: worn out shoes and a pocket recorder with no more memory. Four interviews were finally selected, between enthusiasm for the Roomba, skepticism toward intelligent robots and a bit of a gap between roboticists' and the public perception. Interviewees include an army recruitment sergeant of the US military, a science fiction writer, a Boston tour guide and finally an employee in a retirement home. While the interviews are not intended to represent the general opinion, they provide another source of information, next to the papers, scientists and the industry as to how robots will be affecting our future

In addition we speak with Dario Floreano, the initiator and director of the Talking Robots podcast and the director of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, at the EPFL in Switzerland. He concludes this series with a retrospective on these two past years and a note on the future.

Future which will include Robots, the podcast for news, interviews and discussions on all aspects of robotics. In addition to insights from high-profile professionals, Robots will take you for a ride through the world's research labs, robotics companies and their latest innovations. You can directly subscribe to the feed through iTunes or any other podcatcher by clicking on the following links:

New Robots Podcast in iTunesRobots Podcast feed-me New Robots RSS feedRobots Podcast feed-me

Finally, a special thanks to all our listeners and interviewees which have made this podcast possible. Special thanks to Dario Floreano (left in picture) for initiating and directing Talking Robots. A round of applause for Peter Dürr (center) who has been doing all the magic behind the scene, with the recording, editing and jingles. Markus Waibel (right) has also been there from the start with the interviews and helping with getting the word out. And finally thanks to Daniel Marbach for the web design.

Hope to see you in two weeks.



  • Congratulations for the great job you did since the first podcast!

    I really hope to find - on the new Robots - the same quality of the contributions that I got used to listen here.

  • Anonymous Anonymous said on 5/28/2008 12:29 PM  

    -yup congrats too- I hope your new endeavors will be as good as the past shows.

    all the best from Germany.

  • I was so disappointed that the Talking Robots podcast was coming to an end. Now I am immensely relieved & delighted that the new Robots podcast will emerge from the ashes and carry on. And I'm glad the existing run of podcasts remain available online -- they are a tremendous resource. I hope the new Robots podcast will continue to deal with the topic in the same broad way, including discussions of Artificial Intelligence, Language Acquisition, etc., that the original Talking Robots podcast did so well.

  • Congratulations! I really enjoyed these podcasts. They have been very inspiring. I was in shock when I looked for an update and it said FINAL. aaaarrgggg!! ....oh, what? robots? oh, wow, thats even better, more official sounding than talking robots which is sort of "nitch market" sounding. (but I love the nitch) hurray!

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