Friday, March 02, 2007

Metin Sitti - Nano-Robotics

Talking Robot Podcast- Metin Sitti on Nano-Robotics

In this episode we interview Metin Sitti on nano-materials such as artificial gecko hairs for robotics. He talks about his wall-climbing robots, about the advantages of down-scaling robots, about the state of the art in micro-robotics, and about the potential of hybrid bio-mechanical robots.

Metin Sitti is Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and the head of the Nanorobotics lab. He is very well known for his work on nano-structures, such as synthetic gecko hairs used for dry adhesion, and for the use of these nano-materials in robotics. His research interests include micro/nano-robotics, biologically inspired robots, bio-nanomanipulation, Scanning Probe Microscopy as well as haptic interfaces and tele-robotics.

His lab's current research projects include Wall Climbing "WaalBots" Robots, Water Running and Water Striding Robots, Miniature Swimming Robots and an Imaging Capsule Robot. In addition, research projects investigate Bio-Inspired Adhesives and different aspects of micro- and nano-manipulation.


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