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Rolf Pfeifer - New AI

Talking Robot - Rolf Pfeifer on New AI

In this episode of "Talking Robots" we interview Rolf Pfeifer, about the last 50 years in artificial intelligence, the "new AI", the central role of embodiment for intelligence, and his new popular science book.

Rolf Pfeifer is professor of computer science at the Department of Informatics of the University of Zurich, and director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He has pioneered a new approach to artificial intelligence ("New AI"), which emphasizes the role of embodiment and argues that thought is not independent of the body, but tightly constrained, and at the same time enabled by it.

His research interests include Embodied Cognitive Science, Biorobotics, Autonomous agents/mobile robots, Artificial Life, Morphology/morpho-functional machines, Situated Design and Emotion.

He is the author of the book Understanding Intelligence (co-author: C. Scheier), and has just launched a new popular science book entitled How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence (with Josh Bongard).


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  • I absolutely loved this led me straight to the library to grab a copy of "Where Mathematics Comes From". I am pretty sure both it and "How the Body Shapes the Way We Think" are going on my shopping list. I hope the lack of comments so far doesn't leave you all feeling unsatisfied, as you are doing good work. I love the podcast.

  • @oopsatwork

    Glad to hear that! Don't worry, we have not felt very discouraged by the few comments on this site ... there are so many online communities out in the blogosphere, our goal has never been to add another one. Rather, we wanted to allow these communities to have access to the thoughts, ideas and musings of some key figures in this rich and diverse field. What better way than talking to them directly?

    I hope the Talking Robots interviews help to provide a more personal, more informal view than technical reports and scientific publications can.

    The great success of this series has taken us a bit by surprise (we've clocked about 15'000 downloads since we started in September and the podcast is still gaining momentum). We have enormous fun running this series, and we have a number of great people lined up for interviews in the months to come. So keep tuning in and enjoy. And, of course, feel free to link us from your blog! :)

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