Friday, June 08, 2007

David Hanson - Human-like Social Robots

Talking Robot - David Hanson on human-like Social Robots In this episode we talk to David Hanson about Human-like social robots. If you fancy a tea with Einstein or a Sci Fi discussion with Philip K. Dick, he might be able to provide you with some interesting look-alikes. Using his patented Frubber™ skin like material and artistic background he has been sculpting robots which look like humans and interact with them through speech, facial expressions, eye movements and body motions. With his artistic style and vision, he presents his view on the uncanny valley and the ethics of human like robots. Talking Robot Podcast - Einstien Hubo Robot by Hanson Robotics In 2003 David Hanson founded Hanson Robotics in order to pursue the commercialization of socialized robotic characters and their constituent technologies. Hanson robotics′ interests lie in areas of art, robotics, AI, material science, cognitive science, and industry.



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