Friday, September 28, 2007

Rudolf Bannasch - Bionic Design

Talking Robots - Rudolf Bannasch on Bionic Design In this episode we interview Rudolf Bannasch from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany. Thanks to his background in biology, his many trips to the poles and his know-how in engineering, he's been able to pin-point the principles found in nature which can provide the basis for novel solutions to everyday technical problems. How do birds minimize turbulent drag at the wing tips? Why are penguins such efficient swimmers? What's so special about the fish tail and how do dolphins communicate underwater? So many questions which can provide insight in the design of propellers, underwater vessels and aircrafts, grippers and underwater modems. Did you ever imagine a penguin in a wind tunnel?

He has also been applying bionic design to robotics with the aqua-ray and air-ray robot in collaboration with Festo, artificial penguins and the humanoid arm with fluidic muscles.


Rudolf Bannasch is also the joint founder and manager of EvoLogics GmbH which focuses on applied bionics research and conversion of innovative concepts from the bionics to technical procedures and products. He is the coordinator of BIOKON, the bionic competence network (all-German group project).



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