Friday, November 24, 2006

Luc Steels - Evolution of Communication and Language

Talking Robot - Luc Steels on the Evolution of Communication

In this episode we interview Luc Steels, about language evolution, the cognitive and genetic basis for language, and the importance of embodiment and robot experiments for understanding communication.

Dr. Steels is a professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Brussels (VUB) and director of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris. He is one of the pioneers of AI in Europe, having made contributions in the domain of knowledge-based systems, behavior-based robotics, and most recently language evolution.

His current work centers on understanding what mechanisms and interaction patterns autonomous embodied agents need in order to bootstrap and self-organize communication systems that have properties similar to human natural languages.


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  • Anonymous Anonymous said on 11/24/2006 11:11 AM  

    Nice podcast! I think you touched on a lot of the important issues of the field. I found it to be a nice overview with an interesting link to robotics.

  • Hi,
    Since you already had in the podcast Dario Floreano and Francesco Mondada, do you think you could also invite Marco Dorigo to talk about the Swarm-bots project and Evolutionary Robotics? I think it would be really interesting and a good continuation of some ideas that were already touched here.
    Keep up the great work,

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