Evolutionary Robotics Open Soft and Hardware Framework

Team Head: prof. Dario Floreano   -   Main Contact: Jean-Christophe Zufferey


If you are not familiar with Evolutionary Robotics (ER), you may first want to have a look at this page.

This framework aims at developing and sharing compatible solutions for evolving autonomous robots. It is highly flexible in the sense a number of simulated or real robots are supported and custom solutions can be easily adapted to specific user needs. It is open in the sense the software source is provided under the GNU General Public License (with the only restriction that any publications presenting results obtained with one of this soft or hardware must mention it and its origin) and the hardware components are backed with schematics and PCB layout



an application for evolutionary robotics with neural controllers


a multipurpose Khepera extension turret with a PIC 8-bit microcontroller

and a TSL3301 extension board for 1D visual input


a Khepera simulator for Webots with kevopic functionalities



this project is sponsored by K-Team


Published: 10.10.03/jcz      Last update: 20.10.03/jcz