kevopic -- a multipurpose Khepera extension turret with a PIC microcontroller

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What is kevopic?

kevopic (khepera evolutionary pic) is a Microchip-PIC-based turret for Khepera with plenty of general purpose I/Os. The 3rd revision of this board features a PIC18F6x20 with two RS232 ports. The first one is used for communication with a supervising PC (e.g. running goevo) while the second one is connected to the Khepera. The advantage of using such a configuration is that the Khepera doesn't need to be reprogrammed. The PIC can send Khepera commands using the standard ASCII protocol defined by K-Team (cf. Khepera documentation) while the communication with the supervising PC can use another (binary, more effective) protocol like the one used in current firmware and compatible with i.

kevopic can be used to interface whatever sensor or actuator by using its digital or analog ports. As a first example, hardware specifications for a linear camera (based on a TSL3301) are provided in the download section (see below).



The accompanying firmware is written in C and must be compiled using the CCS PIC C compiler. It contains several modules like the Khepera standard interface (for setting motor speeds, reading sensors, etc.), a TSL3301 driver, the support for communication with i, etc.


The software is released under the GNU Public License. The authors of any publication arising from research using this software are asked to add the following reference: kevopic;; Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL, Lausanne.


Upon request.


The developers do not provide any support.


Antoine Beyeler
Matthijs van Leeuwen
Jean-Christophe Zufferey


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