The next generation open evolutionary framework

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Stephane Magnenat, Antoine Beyeler, Markus Waibel and other contributors


Teem is a software framework that allows for easy creation and execution of evolutionary robotics experiments.

It can be combined with a variety of libraries and programs to form a powerful platform for anything, from evolution of simple Braitenberg behaviour to complex steady state evolutionary experiments involving groups of robots.

Teem is free software, published under the GNU General Public License with the restriction of credit to authors mentioned below and in the documentation.


Teem provides several modules that can be used alone or linked together.

DNA image


  • Linear, bit based
  • Tree-like, dynamic topology, float based


  • Classical GA
  • Steady-state GA
neural network image

Neural networks topologies

  • Feedforward, including backpropagation and recursion
  • Fully connected

Neurons types

  • Sigmoidal
  • Spiking, including STDP
experient image

Sample experiments

  • Evolution of obstacle avoidance
  • Evolution of vision-based navigation
  • Evolution of homing

Teem and its dependencies

Teem depends on the following libraries, which are also available on this site:

Figure 1 shows the interaction diagram between Teem and those libraries.

Figure 1: Teem interaction diagram with the libraries it depends on.


Teem is free software released under the GNU General Public License with the only restriction that any publications presenting results obtained with Teem must mention it and its authors.



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